STAFF-Lukes_ChadMy name is Chad Lukes.  I was hired in October, 2012 as the Business Manager for the St. Elizabeth Pastorate.  In this position I provide general administrative and office management, personnel management, financial transactions supervision and facility management for all churches and buildings.  Additionally, as Seton Catholic School Facilities Director, I coordinate all cleaning and maintenance for the Farley and the Peosta Campus.

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in music and education from Wartburg College in 2000 and began my career as a teacher.  I worked for one year as a teacher for Seton Catholic School.  The next 10 years helped prepare me for my current position.  I worked for a cleaning and restoration company as the operations manager, insurance claims processor and human resources director.

I was married to Breanna (Gibbs) in 2001 at St. Patrick Church, Epworth and we now have 4 children:  our son Aiden, and our three daughters Sydney, Etta, and Emerson.  We moved from Dubuque to Farley in 2008.  We enjoy the community of Farley as well as the surrounding areas.  It is a great place to raise a family.

My favorite thing about working for the pastorate is the opportunity for me to really begin to feel close to all five of these parish communities in a way most people never get to experience, especially someone who is not originally from the area.  It has also helped me grow in my faith more than I would have ever imagined possible.