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  The History of St. Clement’s Catholic Parish and it’s Community

In the early 1850’s, Bishop Matthias Loras traveled through the Bankston area on horseback (St. Clements Parish was not organized at this time). He visited with many of the settlers; who had mostly come from Ireland, but also some from Germany and Luxemburg. Many of these settlers frequented mass at the French Settlement 10 miles northeast; which some had walked to and from, while others went by horse and buggy. This church is now the Rickardsville Parish in Rickardsville, Dubuque County, Iowa.

It is believed that Father McGauran named St. Clements Parish after Bishop Clement Smyth. This was to stop the confusion of the many various names Bankston had from 1851 to 1869 when St. Clement’s became the official name of the parish. In the first one hundred years of Existence, St. Clements has had 12 Pastors.

The first was the Reverend Dr. John Alyward who organized St. Clements Parish in 1860. He arrived in Bankston in 1859 and stayed until November 11, 1860; when he left to become a Professor at the Sinsinawa Boy’s College. Rev. Dr. Alyward said his first mass at Maurice Kirby’s house, which was just west of the church grounds. Many masses were then said at Maurice Kirby’s house until a church could be built. The church would be built a short distance from Mr. Kirby’s house, on land which was donated by Mr. Kirby. This included land for the cemetery. Read More…

Parish Council Members

  • Tim Daly, Chair
  • Jeremy Junk
  • Dawn Klostermann, Secretary
  • Trevor Gotto
  • Tommy Flynn


Liturgy Committee


  • Trish Ernzen
  • Dawn Klostermann
  • Pat Lehmann
  • Deacon Dan O’Connell
  • Ellen O’Connell
  • Joyce Rauen



Rental of the Pavilion or Hall at St. Clement, Bankston is $50 rental fee and $75 deposit. If you would like to rent the facilities, please contact Lynne McDermott at St. Elizabeth Pastorate (563-876-5540).

Cemetery Board

Don Kass            563-744-3046

Jack Smith        563- 744-3863

Dan O’Connell  563-580-2454

Ed Lehmann     563-451-3060


Cemetery Guidelines

  • Please contact the cemetery board through the St. Elizabeth Pastorate Office at 563-876-5540 with questions or concerns or to purchase lots.
  • Headstones must follow local guidelines.  Prior approval from the cemetery board must be sought before a headstone may be placed on the gravesite.
  • No planting of permanent trees, shrubs, bushes, etc. or any other types of landscaping without prior approval from cemetery board.
  • Decorations are allowed year-round if set directly on the headstone or cement foundation.  Please place items at your own risk.  Cemetery board does not monitor the grounds and cannot be responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items.
  • Flowers or decorations not attached to monuments may be placed on grave during the following approved holidays:  Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, All Souls Day and Christmas Day. These decorations may stay up for one week prior and one week past the holiday.
  • Any decorations placed directly in the ground may not go beyond a 10-inch radius of the headstone during the approved holiday decorating times.  All decorations must be removed at proper times.  Items not removed will be discarded.
  • Shepherd hooks are to be placed in the cement foundation if it is to be a permanent decoration, only one per headstone, and not more than 4 feet high.
  • If you have a special occasion (birth date, anniversary) and wish to place additional decorations during a non-approved holiday time, please speak to the cemetery board prior to the date for consideration.
  • Without notice, cemetery board reserves the right to prohibit or remove from lots or graves, any articles that are dead, faded, broken, create a safety hazard, cause additional maintenance burdens, or any articles not given proper prior approval.

St. Clement Pastoral Council Minute

St. Clement Council Minutes 7-5-23



           Altar & Rosary Society Chairs

  • Jeff & Theresa Chapman and Sarah & Jordan Kluesner – Chairs
  • Matt & Kristin McCarthy and Megan & Trevor Gotto – Circle Leaders
  • Chad & Carrie Gotto  – Alternates

Prayer Request

may we pray for you?

Fr. Michael Schueller


Fr. Scott Boone

Sacramental Priest


Remembering always that our main mission is to proclaim the Gospel to all, the St. Elizabeth Pastorate parishes seek to support the vitality of all its member parishes. The St. Elizabeth Pastorate’s mission is to nurture the Catholic faith among all parishioners, while respecting the individuality of all member parishes.

St Clement, Bankston

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St Clement, Bankston

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