St. Elizabeth Faith Formation offers 2 opportunities during Summer in a classroom setting – one starts the first full week after school ends, the other starts the first full week after the 4th of July.  Both opportunities run for 9 days from 8:00 am – 12:00 noon.

We also offer Homeschooling where we provide materials for families to work through it at their own pace and time schedule.

Both the Summer and Homeschooling program families are expected to attend Intergenerational Faith classes during the school year.

Intergenerational:  Summer students and parents must also attend five of the six different intergenerational classes offered.  Classes are offered on multiple Wednesday’s and Sunday’s each month from October – March.   The same lesson is taught on each offering, please attend one.  Classes are held at Shannon Hall, St. John the Baptist, Peosta.

**Refresher courses are held in the fall and winter for 2nd graders making first Reconciliation and first Eucharist.  Reconciliation classes are held in October and November and Eucharist classes are held in February and March.  Refresher classes are optional.

***Confirmation students attending summer programming are asked to attend the fall Retreat and winter Confirmation prep classes (3).