Other Resources

Are you looking for a space to rent for your party, reunion, team practice, or meeting?  The parishes of the St. Elizabeth Pastorate and Seton Catholic School have several spaces available for use whether you are looking for a meeting room, hall, gymnasium, or outdoor practice field.  If interested in the availability of a rental space, please contact Lynne McDermott at the St. Elizabeth Pastorate office at 563-876-5540.  In order to be good stewards and protect all parishioner resources, we have some insurance regulations we must follow. Some paperwork will need to be submitted for each rental, and in some cases proof of liability insurance from the renter’s organization, club or business may be required. Lynne at the parish office will assist with all of the required paperwork.  We want to encourage everyone to take advantage of the facilities available to them in the St. Elizabeth Pastorate community.